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If you set up a company or register a trade in Austria, you are obliged to keep accounts. We can take care of this for you through our partner, an Austrian tax specialist firm. In addition to traditional bookkeeping, we will of course inform you about changes in the legislation related to accounting as well as VAT regulations.

VAT regime in the construction sector

In the construction industry, the service is usually linked to real estate, which means that the place of delivery is Austria. If you carry out construction services in Austria through your home entity and your customer would be a private person, you have to register with the Austrian tax authority and you have to invoice your services with Austrian VAT (20%). Up to a turnover of EUR 35,000 per calendar year, Austrian taxable persons do not have to register for VAT. However, this threshold does not apply to foreign companies. If your customer is an entrepreneur, you will issue invoices to them without VAT, whereas in Austria self-taxation occurs. 

Frequent questions

We are a slovak company performing construction works in Austria and we invoice an austrian company that is a VAT payer – How is the VAT regime administered in this case?

If you carry out the work in Austria, the work is exempt from VAT as it is subject to self-taxation.

Up to what turnover do I not have to register for VAT in Austria as an austrian company?

If your Austrian company has a turnover of up to EUR 35,000, you are not obliged to register for VAT. Once this turnover has been exceeded, the obligation to register for VAT in Austria arises.

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