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Setting up a trade
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Setting up a trade in Austria

If you as a natural person want to carry out your own business in Austria on a long-term basis, you need to set up an Austrian trade to do so. This trade can be either free or regulated, and in the case of a regulated trade it is necessary to meet the legal prerequisites for the demonstration and recognition of a professional qualification in a given field. You must report the establishment of the trade to the local trade licensing office. When registering your trade, you must submit several documents depending on whether you are applying for a free or regulated trade, such as a birth certificate, proof of identity, proof of residence in Austria or a criminal record extract.

When can I start doing business?

You can start your business as soon as you have established a trade. After setting up your trade, you must inform the Austrian tax authority (Finanzamt) and the relevant social insurance company (SVS) of your trade. This registration and the Austrian trade also entails the obligation to pay monthly contributions to the relevant insurance company, compulsory membership in the Chamber of Commerce and, of course, the payment of Austrian income tax. This entitles you to benefits under the Austrian social security system as well as to an Austrian pension.

Frequent questions

What further obligations arise from the Austrian trade?

From the moment of obtaining a trade licence, you are also obliged to register with the relevant social insurance company for the purpose of paying contributions, with the tax office as well as with the Chamber of Commerce.

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