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ZKO – Notification of Posting and Secondment of Staff

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ZKO (Notification of Posting and Secondment of Staff)

In case you plan to post or second your staff to work in Austria, you must report yourself as an employer, your employees and the place of work to the Ministry of Finance.
 At the same time, in case of changes, any change must be reported to the Ministry. The initial reporting must include, among other things, the employees’ salary, which must be in accordance with the relevant Austrian collective agreement in force.

Financial police

The Financial Police, during potential inspections, check in particular whether individual employees are registered, whether they are paid the minimum wage according to the relevant collective agreement, including supplements, and whether freelancers are not used for work as so-called hidden employees, for which there are high penalties.

Frequent questions

When am I required to report my employees to the Ministry of Finance?

If you, as a foreign company, post or second your staff to work in Austria, you are obliged to declare both the place of work and the employees who will work in Austria to the Ministry of Finance via the ZKO notifications.

When do I have to submit the ZKO notifications?

The notifications must be made at the latest before the seconded employees start work. It should also be remembered that every single change or early termination of a secondment must also be reported.

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