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Payroll Processing

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Payroll Processing

Do you have a legal entity established in Austria and plan to employ employees covered by the Austrian social security system? Or are you planning to carry out activities through your home entity in Austria and plan to employ staff covered by the Austrian social security system? In both cases, you need to register your company in Austria with the relevant health insurance company as well as with the tax authority for payroll tax purposes and have your payroll processed according to Austrian regulations.

Through our Austrian partners, we can help you both with the actual preparation of the employment contract, the determination of the relevant collective agreement under which the employee is to be covered and the determination of the minimum wage you must pay your employees, including all other statutory allowances, as well as with the actual calculation of Austrian wages and the calculation of statutory contributions and payroll taxes. All you have to do is supply us with the correct data each month and we will take care of all the paperwork associated with employing your staff for you.

Frequent questions

When can I be exempted from the 20% withholding tax deducted by the austrian customer?

In order to prevent the Austrian customer from deducting a 20% withholding tax from your invoices, you must process your employees’ wages and pay Austrian payroll tax to the Austrian tax authority. You can then apply to the tax authority for an exemption, which you can present to the Austrian customer, who can no longer deduct withholding tax. However, this exemption can only be obtained if there is a reason for keeping payroll accounts in Austria.

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