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Establishing a company in Austria

We will help you with administration and solutions in Austria.
Whether you are a company, self-employed or an employee.

Company establishment

Are you planning to do business in Austria and want to establish an Austrian company?

We will advise you on choosing the right form, declaring a trade for the new company and we will take over the whole agenda.

The most frequently chosen form is the limited liability company (so-called GmbH). The minimum share capital of the GmbH is EUR 10,000 and a minimum of 50%, i.e. EUR 5,000 must be paid up at the time of incorporation.

We can also help you with the establishment of other forms of business, whether it is a joint-stock company, an OHG (so-called Offene Handelsgesellschaft) or a civil association (so-called Verein) or others.

Frequent questions

What is the minimum capital in an Austrian limited liability company?

The share capital of the Austrian GmbH is EUR 10,000, and you only need to pay only EUR 5,000 to get started.

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