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Notification of activity

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Notification of activity

If you, as a company or sole trader, plan to carry out activities in Austria on a temporary basis that are regulated trades under Austrian law, you are obliged to report your activities before the work begins. The application is submitted to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs. When assessing, the Ministry looks at whether you have sufficient training or experience for the activity in your home country.

threatened with sanctions?

The conditions for approval are quite strict. For certain types of activities (e.g. construction work), it is also necessary to prove that liability insurance is in place, for a minimum of EUR 1 million per claim. If the Ministry does not approve the notification, you are not entitled to carry out the work in question in Austria and you are liable to penalties in the event of a breach of this obligation. Also, you should not start operating the activity before the Ministry gives you a positive decision.

Frequent questions

Who is obliged to report an activity in Austria?

Any foreign company or foreign sole trader who plans to carry out temporary work in Austria that falls under the scope of regulated trades in Austria must declare the activity through the so-called Notification of Activity (Dienstleistungsanzeige).

When do I have to report my activity?

You must notify the activity well in advance so that you have a positive decision from the Ministry before the actual start of the work.

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